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For Employers and Practitioners

Looking for ways for your company and teams to get involved with Prime Digital Academy? We are always looking to engage the community and have a wide variety of ways you can support new and upcoming software development and user experience design talent. Feel free to share these opportunities with anyone in your organization that might want to get involved.


Mentoring is a fun way to help a small group of students orient themselves to the industry. As a mentor, you’ll join a handful of students and other mentors committing to bi-weekly meetings during the students’ studies at Prime. All in, the commitment is typically 10-12 hours in a 12-14 week time period. Meetings are held virtually.

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Guest Speakers

The tech industry is full of smart, talented people. Each week we welcome volunteers from the local community to share their knowledge and passion through talks, panel discussions, and Q&As. Tell us the things you're passionate about and we'll follow up. Talks are held every other Wednesday 11am-12pm.

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Mock Interviews

Prime is all about preparing our students for the job search. Mock interviews with professionals are one part of that process. Interviews sessions are held for each cohort. Have fun asking students your go-to interview questions or simply have them share their work and talk about why they got into their field of study.

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Career Days

Prime students' educational experience culminates in career day. It's a chance for them to share the product of their work and make connections that can help open doors for them on their new career. Here's what's involved:

Project Presentations

12:00-1:00PM CST (via Zoom)

Four teams will present their final client projects for about 15 minutes each. We encourage you to attend, as these are great projects to ask them questions about during your interviews.

Interview-style Discussions

1:30-4:30PM CST (via Zoom)

Students will be prepared to share their work, talk through their projects, and discuss what teams and roles look like in your organization. Each discussion is capped at 20 minutes!

Answers to Common Career Day Questions

Getting Involved

The week before the event, we will send out resumes and professional links for the whole cohort so you can identify the individuals with whom you'd most like to meet! We ask that you review those materials and attend presentations to have a sense of their most recent project engagement! Otherwise – no prep needed! Sounds good, and want to sign up? Simply RSVP and our team will get you everything you need!

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Share an Opportunity with the Alumni Network

We know that career day doesn’t work for every employer so if you have an opportunity you’d like us to get in of our recent graduates right away you can let us know about it below.

For Community Organizations

The Twin Cities is booming with tech, creatives, and the need for a user-centered approach to design and business. It is our belief at Prime that there is plenty of human-centered work to be done without making it up, which is why we go straight to the source: clients with real users and business problems to solve! As well, our employer network loves knowing that the projects completed at Prime were as real as they get—no "happy paths" or textbook-only experience here. Double-win!

Many of our client partners are…

  • Entrepreneurs who are aiming to bring their ideas into reality with a MVP or proof-of-concept
  • Non-profits with processes or systems that are out of date or paper-based (gasp) that could be made modern
  • Small companies with small projects that could make an impact on their day-to-day but might not have the funds to invest in professional software development

Interested in Full-Stack Software Development or User Experience (UX) pro bono opportunities? Book some time with our staff to discuss your needs and see if there may be a good fit for a project!