Primetime Education

A part-time program to meet your full-time goal.

Learn Part-time and Upgrade Your Full-time Career

Prime's part-time program takes the curriculum from our Full Stack Software Engineering Program and distributes it across a 28-week remote schedule. Each week will require about 20 hours of work.

We've heard from hundreds of prospective students who were eager to start careers in tech, but whose commitments (full-time work, family, etc.) meant that a “traditional” full-time weekday schedule wouldn’t work for them. Building on the experience graduating 60 cohorts of software engineers and informed by our experience with remote study during the pandemic, we have developed a part-time program that we believe is a great fit for students who can’t commit to a full-time program.

We're accepting applications now! If you think a part-time program may be the best way for you to break into the software business, start your application today!

What Does Part-Time Study Look Like?

Even with a part time schedule, Prime is a big commitment. You should expect to spend on average about 20 hours a week between weekly class lectures, group work sessions and individual work time. 

Weekly Class Lectures

⏰ 8 hours per week 

Twice a week we'll have instructor-led live video classes in the daytime or evening (depending on the cohort) covering technical content and career development.


Group Work Sessions

⏰ 3 hours per week 

Once a week you'll sign up for one of the six 2-3 hour collaboration sessions with peers from your cohort and work together on assignments and projects.


Individual and Group Work 

⏰ 6-9 hours

You should plan to spend 6-8 hours of self-scheduled study time outside of weekly class lectures and group work sessions.

Outside the curriculum, you can sign up for 1:1 time with the instructor or attend the weekly study group to get help from staff and peers if you're struggling.



When do we start?

Our part-time cohorts start approximately every 3 months. Check out the upcoming cohort schedule here: Full Stack Cohort Schedule.

Where do I start?

You are welcome to start an application now to see what will be asked of you but you can complete it over as many sessions as you'd like without any time limits.


Tuition for this program is $17,000. The same scholarships, grants and financing options that are available for the full-time program are available for the part-time program.

Vatti Cohort Graduation

Questions You May Have

The decision to embark on a new career is a big step and you're certainly going to have a bunch of questions. Below are a few you may have, if your question isn't answered here feel free to reach out and schedule time to discuss the program with us!

Still have questions?

We know there's a lot to consider before applying! Attend a virtual Q&A session where Prime staff, students, and alumni address potential students' most frequently asked questions! Sessions occur every Thursday, 12:00-12:30pm CT. (RSVP required)