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Director of Instruction

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Format: Full-time, On-Campus (Up to 20% remote after 6 months onboarding)

Note: This is a new role scheduled to start in January of 2024.

The Director of Instruction is responsible for ensuring that Prime is pursuing instructional excellence in our time with students while adhering to our organizational values. Prime typically taps bright, capable and empathetic individuals working in technology to invest time in our classrooms to help people transform their lives by starting new careers in technology - the Director of Instruction helps these new instructors to develop the tactical skills to succeed in the classroom and curates the pedagogy and education philosophy that powers Prime’s values-driven approach. Success for the Director of Instruction is a consistent, effective, and efficient classroom experience at Prime with feedback loops for instructors at diverse skill levels all seeking to improve their craft.

As the leader of the instruction group at Prime this role runs regular departmental meetings, sets departmental objectives, and determines departmental annual goals. The Director of Instruction directly manages Prime’s Program Managers and indirectly front-line instructional staff. As a manager they provide direction, coaching and support. They support the resourcing needs of the instructional department through hiring and strategic partnerships with other organizations.

This role will collaborate with other Director-level roles on organizational operations ranging from the cohort scheduling to resolving issues escalated from the leaders of programs and support functions as necessary.

As a member of Prime’s leadership team, the Director of Instruction represents their department’s interests while also acting as a collaborative organizational leader to support the growth of the organization overall.


The Director of Instruction is accountable for:

  • Pedagogy and instructional best practices
    • Reinforce instructional best practices and educational philosophy (teaching methods, learning activities, learning assessments) 
      • Develop and enforce systematic evaluations of learning outcomes
    • Lead training, evaluation, and development of instructional staff
    • Work with Program Managers to ensure best practices, philosophy and values are being expressed in the classroom
    • Cultivate consistency in instructional practices
    • Facilitate best practice sharing across programs
    • Represent instructional best practices as a stakeholder in curriculum development 
  • Instructional Department Leadership
    • Identify and execute on instruction departmental goals
    • Maintain instruction scorecard and report on instructional department objectives
    • Facilitate meetings and coordination between Program Managers
  • Lead\manage\coach\support Program Managers and other staff as necessary
    • Hiring and onboarding of Program Managers
    • Bi-weekly 1:1s for Program Managers and other Direct Reports
    • 15Five Pulse Monitoring
    • Annual Reviews
  • Organizational Leadership
    • Support the development of new programming and help to prototype new products and programs
    • Participate as a member of the leadership team at Prime, setting organizational goals and executing on objectives at the organizational level
  • Instructional Administration and Operations
    • Ensure consistent and timely admissions scoring
    • Oversee pro-bono client recruiting
    • Support resourcing for instruction (escalation, cross program support) and ensuring we have adequate resources for program needs as identified by program managers
    • Manage vendor relationships (e.g. Grading partners)
    • Recruiting and sourcing candidates for Instructors and other roles as required

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • Evolve and maintain clear instructional standards for all programs in partnership with Program Managers
  • Schedule, lead, and monitor Program Manager staff meetings
  • Sets and maintains standards for consistent onboarding and professional development for instruction staff
  • Work within our curriculum development process to evolve Prime’s content and incorporate feedback from the hiring network into the curriculum in partnership with Program Managers
  • Serve as an escalation point for significant student issues and/or function as part of an appeal committee for student contesting decisions made by classroom and program staff
  • Provide backup and support for Program Managers as needed
  • Lead weekly staff meetings with Program Managers
  • Participate in weekly organizational leadership meetings

Skills and Qualifications

  • Deep knowledge in adult educational philosophy, pedagogy, and teaching methods 
  • Foundational understanding of software engineering and user experience technology, tools, techniques, methods and principles
  • Ability to manage difficult or emotional situations, responding promptly to requests for service and assistance
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent, self-motivated, and success driven
  • Proven leadership and teamwork skills and collaborative group problem solving 
  • Organized, detail oriented, and great at follow-through
  • Must have the ability to multitask in a fast paced and dynamic environment

Education and Experience

  • Experience as an educator in a formal setting
  • 5 or more years of experience in technology roles and/or education
  • 5 or more years of people management experience

Reporting Relationships

The Director of Instruction directly manages Program Managers responsible for the success of Prime’s various programs and indirectly leads the instructors operating those programs. The Director may be called upon to strategically take on Program Management duties for new programs in development on occasion working closely with the Director of Strategy in those instances.

The Director of Instruction participates as a peer in Prime’s Leadership Team. They work collaboratively with the Prime leadership team on issues that affect the company as a whole, they will also work closely with the Directors of Student Affairs and Career and Alumni Relations to ensure that Prime is executing on its mission effectively.

The Director of Instruction reports directly to the President.

To apply:

Send your resume and cover letter or statement of interest to

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